Alphorn Bernatone

The company Bernatone Alphornbau was founded in 1998 in Niederbipp BE. Due to the advanced age of the founder, the company was sold to the Heinz and Marietta Tschiemer families after Habkern. Due to the well-founded basic knowledge about resonating woods and the proximity to the raw material (a Bernatone Alphorn has always been made with spruce wood from Habkern), the step was very obvious and has also developed positively and proven itself for the mountain village of Habkern and the customers of Bernatone Alphornbau.

Since 2012, the Tschiemer family has been working and living 100% from the construction of alphorns, which means an excess of reliability and flexibility for the customers. Heinz and Marietta produce the traditional instruments with a lot of passion and innovative spirit. This is to the delight of many satisfied alphorn players and musicians.

Attuning the alphorns and quality assurance

All alphorns are played before sale. Sami Lörtscher, alphorn and trumpet teacher and composer tests the instruments.
Intonation, sound and response are three of the criteria which the experienced alphorn player evaluates.

Each alphorn is now also measured with BIAS before it is handed over. The unique measuring method makes intonation and response visible and gives an obiective insight into the quality of your instrument. With us, you do not buy “a pig in a poke”. On request, we will hand over the corresponding certificate for each Alphorn.

Workshop tours

For companies or associations planning an excursion, we offer workshop tours on request. Here you can find out everything about our national symbol, from history to contemporary production.
Each participant can then prove himself on the Alphorn. After the guided tour you will also have the opportunity to talk shop with the alphorn maker over a snack or aperitif.

The maximum number of participants is 70. Please, apply per e-mail or phone.

Bauen mit einheimischem Holz

Möchten Sie ein neues Heim bauen oder Ihr bestehendes muss renoviert werden? Prüfen Sie den Einsatz von einheimischem Holz. Unsere Partner in der Region beherrschen das alte Zimmererhandwerk wie fast niemand mehr. Bauen Sie ein Chalet mit einheimischem Holz und setzten Sie sich ein Denkmal für die nächsten mehreren Hundert Jahre.

Ausgewählte Partner:

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Bernatone Alphorn Building in french speaking Switzerland

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