Alphorn Bernatone

An alphorn from Bernatone is made only from native spruce wood from mountain forests of Habkern. From the raw tree trunk to the ready-to-play instrument, the Tschiemer family processes and refines the wood. Hans Tschiemer (father) saws the logs in his sawmill, Heinz Tschiemer (owner Bernatone GmbH) makes beautiful alphorns from them. For each alphorn we can indicate the exact origin of the soundwood.

With the purchase of a Bernatone Alphorn you buy a piece of deep Swiss homeland.

The above-average response of a Bernatone Alphorn makes it easier for beginners to learn this instrument. In order to make rapid progress, you need the perfect alphorn.

Whether you are an advanced player or a professional, you will love the intonation and accuracy of our alphorns.

Rent an alphorn
For beginners, we offer the possibility to rent an alphorn on attractive conditions. Please contact us to check the availability of rental equipment.

Competence in Alphorn Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is a very personal and individual aid for every musician to positively influence the character of the instruments to be played. Due to the anatomical conditions of each wind instrument, the requirements for achieving the optimum of instrument and wind instrument also change. The mouthpiece forms the link between them. The right mouthpiece also has a significant influence on the sound and character of your own alphorn.

Original Bernatone Mouthpieces

In Habkern’s alphorn making shop you will find a large selection of different mouthpieces for the alphorn. The mouthpieces are produced on a lathe of the latest generation. Due to the simple operation of the machine you as a customer have the possibility to create your own individual mouthpiece. We will be happy to advise you competently.

The used woods are:

    • Maple
    • Olive
    • Ebony

(further on request)

We offer various mouthpiece edges and boiler depths as standard. You are welcome to test them with your Alphorn in our showroom in Habkern. If you would like to do this at home, we will be happy to send you a selection.

We can also make copies and replicas of your favourite mouthpiece for you without any major additional expenditure. The measurements and data are stored over several years. This enables us to produce the same mouthpiece even after a few years. Ask us about the possibilities.

Our greatest advantages


Thanks to our ongoing professional training in the areas of production/technology and acoustics, you can be sure of receiving instruments of the best quality.
You also receive a lifetime guarantee against production and material defects.

We buy your old alphorn

Do you have a used alphorn in your corner at home, or are you not happy with your alphorn?
We pay fair prices or exchange your old horn for a new Bernatone alphorn.

We fulfill individual wishes

We will gladly try to fulfil your individual wishes as far as possible, e.g. a soundmei. Just ask us. Our alphorns are made exclusively with spruce wood from the Habkern Valley. Thus, you get an instrument where the origin can be specified exactly.

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